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The leaps in plastic surgery advances have increased the number of techniques available for breast reconstruction patients, making the selection of a specific technique a difficult one. It is therefore the role of the plastic surgeon not only to perform the procedure, but to guide the patient in the selection process.

The reconstruction of the breast plays a significant role in the patient’s ability to deal with breast cancer. Although not perfect, reconstruction attempts to restore wholeness to the body. A reconstructed and once again complete body can help a mastectomy patient achieve a more positive body image—helping to overcome breast cancer as a disease.

The plastic surgeon works cooperatively with the patient’s overall oncological treatment schedule. Care is given so that secondary revisional procedures avoid interference with adjuvant therapy and provide a lasting result. Reconstructive results are judged in comparison to the opposite breast—regardless if the breast is native or reconstructed, symmetry is the goal.

With the number of treatment options available, all women undergoing mastectomy or breast surgery are candidates for some form of reconstruction—no one is excluded.

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