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Beginning with the time a breast lump or lesion is found, women have a number of treatment options. As developments occur, surgeons are continuing to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of these different treatments. Because of the different stages at which breast cancer is diagnosed, there is not one specific treatment that is best for all women. There are too many variables involved to have one standardized treatment plan for breast cancer.

Currently, the basic types of treatment for breast cancer are:

Surgery and radiation are considered local treatment as they treat and affect one area of the breast or body. Chemotherapy and hormonal manipulation are systemic treatment that applies to the entire body.

The options available to you will depend on a number of factors, including the type of tumor, the extent of the disease at the time of diagnosis, your age, and your medical history. But your personal feeling about the treatment, your self-image, and your lifestyle will also be important considerations in your surgeon’s assessment and recommendations. You and your surgeon should discuss these treatment options and how they apply to your situation. Remember, of primary importance in determining the appropriate treatment is the cure rate. Your life should be your number one priority.

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