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The Breast Cancer Management Team:


During your treatment you will meet several health professionals who will perform the various tests and treatments your doctor recommends. It may be difficult at first to talk with them about your illness and your feelings about the treatment. But each of them can offer information to help you feel more at ease. By talking with the professionals who care for you, you will come to understand more about cancer and its treatment, and you will be better prepared to cope with your illness.

In the course of treatment, several doctors will treat you. These doctors will be considered your treatment team, and will be working together on your treatment. These are some of the doctors and specialists you may meet or hear about:

ANESTHESIOLOGISTA doctor who administers drugs to put you to sleep before surgery.

CLINICAL NURSE SPECIALIST—A nurse with special knowledge in a particular area, such as postoperative care or radiation therapy.

MEDICAL ONCOLOGISTA doctor who administers anticancer drugs or chemotherapy.

PATHOLOGISTThe doctor who examines and studies the tissues removed by the biopsy and mastectomy to determine if the tissue is malignant and its characteristics.

PLASTIC SURGEONA doctor who specializes in rehabilitative and cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons perform the breast reconstruction.

RADIATION ONCOLOGIST—A doctor who supervises radiation therapy.

SURGEON—A doctor who performs surgery, such as a biopsy and mastectomy. He will be responsible for coordinating your treatment and working with you to ensure that the treatment is satisfactory.

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