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The Website


This Website is to be used by patients, general users, physicians and other affiliated health professionals. It has three main sections or paths.

  • The first section, PATIENT EDUCATION, provides information for patients and general users.
  • The second section, PHYSICIAN GUIDELINES, is divided into several chapters. Each chapter refers to a specific topic such as SURGICAL ASSESSMENT or RECONSTRUCTION OPTIONS, etc. It is written for physicians and surgeons.
  • The third section, TREATMENT INDEX, is an updated Therapeutic Reference Guide for the treatment of Breast Cancer and specific breast lesions. It follows the Standard International Staging and Classification of Breast Cancer. It also provides detailed information and references on the recommended drugs and proposed therapeutic options.
  • An additional section, NEWS, contains information on breaking news, on new treatments or diagnostic and therapeutic modalities used in the management of breast lesions or cancer. An editor has been assigned to this section and will update this section on a monthly basis.


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